Rafting along the Cañón del Atuel in San Rafael

With its four primary rivers for rafting in the province, you can experience the range from Class 1 to Class 5 of rafting for most all ages.

Mendoza Province, Argentina




Mendoza province has four main rivers for rafting, the río Mendoza, the río Tunuyán, the río Diamante (January & February), and the río Atul river.









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The strength of the Mendoza River, with one of the most classic of adventure activities, adrenaline, laughter and excitement guaranteed.


Hon Travel
Tour Operator: Rafting


Includes: equipment ( waterproof jacket and pants, neoprene shoes, helmet, paddle and personal flotation device), professional bilingual guide, short course, safety talk, safety kayaker.


We will leave Mendoza City to head for Potrerillos, a mountain village surrounded by a wonderful landscape and an impressive dam which takes its name.


Mendoza Wine Experience
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Argentina Rafting
There are so many ways to connect with the snowmelt waters of the Andes. We offer rafting trips all year round for the adventurer looking for class III+ water. All of our runs are upstream of the Potrerillos Dam and Reservoir.




Río Extremo
We are a young company specializing in adventure and water sports. Our plans are tailored not just for the adventure seeker but also, for families to enjoy in a safe and fun environment.




Karen Travel
Ideal para iniciarse en la práctica del rafting y disfrutar con la familia de un imponente marco natural al pié del Cerro El Sosneado.


San Rafael Wine Tours
6 to 12km-descents. The rapids of Atuel river are level 2 of difficulty. Ideal to go with the family or friends!



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Rivers, lakes, fun! What better than having everything you need... To find out more, check out our categories and you will be informed on how to have a blast!


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Argentina - A Range of Adventurous Activities
Tourism Review, June 29, 2015
"Two of the most popular rivers for rafting are the Atuel and Mendoza rivers in Mendoza province, but the Manso River, with its green waters in the unique setting of the Nahuel Huapi National Park is also highly recommended."

Argentina Travel: Rafting A Chocolate River In Wine Country
The Huffington Post, February 1, 2013
"The Mendoza River is a chocolate brown sluiceway punctuated by rapids that fall neatly in the range of fun but not terrifying..."


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