Horseback (Kahuak)

What a way to get to know the terrain of vineyards, foothills, streams, and farms. Mendoza has a fantastic offering of professional providers who know how to help you “horse around”.

Mendoza Province, Argentina






Argentina Rafting
Enjoy a ride on gentle horses mounted to over 1700 meters above sea level, where we can appreciate the fauna of mountain, foothill roads go and see wonderful views of hills over 5000 meters with its snowy peaks.



Youth Travel-------------------------------------

Youth Travel Argentina
"Youth travel" company. We offer our customers all the tools available to organize their stay in the province and their next stop in their travels.



Traditional adventure activity, by the mountains of Mendoza, where you can choose half day rides or full day with picnic lunch.


Hon Travel
Tour Operator: Horseback


Circuit by the Cordon del Plata with equestrian activities, horseback riding and lunch at ranch.


We will leave Mendoza City to head for our base of operations located in Blanco Encalada, just 35 minutes away from down town. Since it is situated at 4.593 feet a.s.l., we will be astonished by its magnificent view.


Mendoza Wine Experience
Tour Operator: Horseback


SAK Wine & Travel
During this half day horseback riding in Mendoza you will explore Las Vegas, one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of the province of Mendoza. On the horseback ride we will encounter different enchanting spots of the zone.


Trout & Wine Tours
Trout & Wine is an energetic team of people with years of experience in providing wine tours and fly fishing excursions to visitors in Argentina, particularly in Mendoza. We are small and we want to keep it that way.


Trekking Travel
The horseback riding "Crossing the Andes Mountain Range", starts and finishes in Mendoza - Argentina. The expedition arrives until the international border between Argentina and Chile and comes back on horses for the argentinian side.



San Rafael Wine Tours
A ride to enjoy the nature and beauty of each season in San Rafael. 2hs, 4 hs and full day-circuits.



Río Extremo
Tour Operator: Horseback










Finca de las Marujitas
In the farm, you can find cows, horses, pigs, ponies, sheep, a wide variety of goats, hens, rabbits, geese, ducks, and turkeys. This space has been thought to allow parents and children to have contact with animals, so that they can learn about them, feed them and see their offspring. Furthermore, this space may help them to be aware about the origin of the food we consume.



Finca Las Lechuzas
Finca Las Lechuzas is the premier horseback facility in the Agrelo wine-region of Mendoza, catering for all levels from complete novice to expert.



To explore more of the surrounding area, we offer guided horseback riding for an hour and a half where we will show you the place and its history. We have adorable horses in a landscape that can't be compared.



El Establo de Chacras
Mission: more and more people "Know the habits and care of a horse." Goal: that "people learn to ride and handle a horse."



El Rincón de Los Oscuros
El Rincón de los Oscuros is a pioneer horseback riding company founded by Juan Andres Jardel in 1992. It is located in Potrerillos and it is the only company that has a hundred well trained horses, whose capacity makes the difference from other companies. Our horseback rides are held in a 6500 centenarian hectare ranch of virgin land with exclusive access granted to El Rincon de los Oscuros.



Rancho Viejo Cabalgatas
We will leave Rancho Viejo heading towards to wide  alleys of Malbec and Cabernet, passing through olive trees and big woods of eucalipto. Then will go pass the clear and cold waters of the Mendoza river until we get to the ravines of Lunlunta.



Finca Atamisque
Discover our vineyards, our fruit trees, our majestic centenary park, our lagoons and our beautiful untouched nature. Whether by horse, driven in a carriage, on a mountain bike or walking, experience natural country-side life and finish your tour savouring the products of this fertile land, in total harmony with nature.