Zipline - Canopy

Zipline over the Andes

Glide from peak to peak over rivers and the like. Check here for where to do this.

Mendoza Province, Argentina



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The longest zip line awaits all Mendoza, crossing the Rio Mendoza from side to side, great activity to combine with other adventure activities.


Hon Travel
Tour Operator: Zipline - Canopy


Includes: Equipment, mini trekking, professional bilingual guide, security talk.


We will leave Mendoza City to head for Potrerillos Dam, which is surrounded by huge mountains. We will, literally, fly across mountains and the Mendoza River hanging from a harness. This is a great adventure that mixes speed, excitement but also safety.


Mendoza Wine Experience
Tour Operator: Zipline - Canopy


Trekking Travel
Tour Operator: Zipline - Canopy




Argentina Rafting
Experience the rush and listen to the cable sing as we guide you over 1500 meters (5000 feet) on 6 different zipline cables, some over 40 meters (130 feet) above the Valley floor. Our longest cable stretches over 450 meters (1500 feet) crossing the Mendoza River.



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