Being the highest mountain in the Americas, Mount Aconcagua not only attracts thousands of climbers every year,  but also acts as a stunning backdrop for nearby day and weekend hikers. Get all the info here.
Looking for great wine tours? Look no further and check out some local fantastic offerings.
Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for great views and sheer exhilaration! Find out where to do this along the Mendoza Andes.
An excellent calendar system tracking public events, activities, promotions, and places in the province:
Not a mountain climber but want to traverse the Mendoza Andes anyway? Check our directory for interesting options.
Explore the treasure trove of special tasting rooms in the province; an amazing mixture of rooms in wineries, hotels, lodges, restaurants, wine shops, storefronts, and surprise places, with the majority available by reservations.
Glide from peak to peak over rivers and the like. Check here for where to do this.
Can't get enough thrills from trekking the Andes or exploring all the wineries? Cut loose on the water with this major dose of adrenaline.
Do you have a desire to get to know the Andes via a rope? Here you will find information about tour operators, providers, and places to get equipment for this.
Tourist attractions throughout the province.
Walk-in and short-notice wine tasting options throughout the area
Treat yourself to luxurious state-of-the-art accomodations amongst flowering vineyards. Options range from Lujan de Cuyo to Uco Valley and south to San Rafael. Come explore all that Mendoza has to offer.
Take to the relaxing waters of Mendoza province, and enjoy the multiple ways to do so.
What a way to get to know the terrain of vineyards, foothills, streams, and farms. Mendoza has a fantastic offering of professional providers who know how to help you “horse around”.
Delve into the various options of relaxing and therapeutic spas throughout the province. Perfect for after that wine tour, horse ride in the Andes, mountain climb, bout of rafting, or just for fun, health, and relaxation. Mendoza offers special venues and unique premises for all kinds of services related to health, beauty, and spa.
Cut loose on the water with this fantastic sport, and take advantage of Andean winds. Check our directory.
There are, to say the least, many nice options of wine shops in the area.
Whether you have a board with you or not, find out where the best spots are in hilly Mendoza to do this, and go for it.
With its four primary rivers for rafting in the province, you can experience the range from Class 1 to Class 5 of rafting for most all ages.
Ice climbing is one of the most thrilling activities that exist. Let professionals guide you up and down the Andes.
Are you a volcano enthusiast? Check out our directory for information on Mendoza's wide variety of famous volcanoes in the south of the province, and how to get there to check them out.
Looking for ATV rentals in the Mendoza province? Check out our directory of rental tour operators.
Explore a variety of caves and caverns all throughout the south of the province of Mendoza.
The foothills and high hills of the Mendoza Andes provide ample opportunity for mountain biking. Get informaton here.
Mendoza province offers an exciting array of gastronomy experiences. Whether touring the cities, suburban villages, numerous wineries with their cuisine that range from outstanding Argentine fare to 5 star elegance or dining at the foothills of the Andes, your senses and taste will be well rewarded.
The "alive" Andes mountain range in Mendoza province provides some of the exciting skiing in the world. Check out tour operators, places, and gear shops.
Looking for unique and/or seasonal restaurant menus in Mendoza? Click here for a listing.
Mendoza has some of the most classic coffee spots throughout the province. Take a peek at our directory to check out where there are some located.
Enjoy the wide array of offerings through out the province, and check out our directory.
Trains, planes, automobiles, 4 x 4's, taxis, remises (private taxis), vans, & bikes will get you around in a pinch in the province. Take a look at our directory.