Come explore the various world class golf courses in the province, with the added benefit of vines, wines, great weather, and mountain views closeby.

Mendoza Province, Argentina







Club de Campo
It's the only golf course that has 18 holes in Mendoza. Its length reaches 6,700 yards and stands at 764 meters above sea level. The facilities for playing golf include the only Driving Range in Mendoza, open to all with areas for indoor and outdoor practice and a large putting green.



La Vacherie Country Golf
It consists of 118 acres with 438 lots measuring in at an estimate of 1,100 m2. The particular feature is its landscape where vineyards and groves combine with the imposing Cordón del Plata mountain.



Andino Golf Club
The beauty of the links of Golf Club Andino harmonizes splendidly with your social structure. Built in 1935 and recently refurbished. Something to note is its distance from the city, only a few blocks away.



Algodon Wine Estates
Though many great golf courses and wineries exist in the world today, nowhere are the two combined to create an experience like the one you'll find at our Argentina golf resort and winery. Here, golfers enjoy championship golf that literally plays through lush vineyards, natural water reservoirs, olive groves, and walnut, pear and plum orchards.


El Nevado Golf Club
El Nevado Golf Club was the first golf course in San Rafael. It is located near the direct access to the city, next to Bodega Valentin Bianchi, presenting an amazing landscape, which is typical of the area.



Finca Atamisque
Within this majestic park an appealing tour has been created. With holes reaching distances up to 190 yards, fairways and greens especially created according to USGA norms, our Par-3 golf course is unique in its kind and has received eulogistic reviews from players of international renown.


Tupungato Winelands
Argentina's first golf course where only fairways and greens are irrigated, thus preserving native vegetation and making the most out of natural topography while enhancing the landscape and its flora.




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