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Mendoza Province, Argentina









El Coirón
We invite you to enjoy our cuisine and homemade desserts that will delight your palate, in a natural setting at the foot of the Andes mountains and next to the Rio Mendoza.


We have special and delicious cuts of tender calf meat, perfect to be combined with local wines, sweet peppers and pickles, or sample the traditional Fernet in addition to the delicious quesadillas that can be enjoyed in a rustic and mountain environment where the best mountain tastes meet accompanied by live shows to achieve a unique moment with the beauty and majesty of the landscape and the tranquility of our zone.

Mi Montaña Restaurant
With over 60 years of experience in the business, we have always standed out for providing a first class service and earning a reputation for making the best ribs in all Mendoza.



Restaurante de Montaña - Argentina Rafting
Dining out: Restaurante de Montaña - Argentina Rafting


Restaurante La Escondida
Dining out: Restaurante La Escondida



Crazy Lomo
Come and enjoy with your family an exquisite grill at the foot of the mountains with empanadas, fried pies, and grilled meat and chicken. Parties and events.


El Nuevo Reencuentro
Our desire and hope is that you feel the same or better here than at home by enjoying our unique and exquisite cuisine, where our olive oil dominates, giving it a Mediterranean touch.



El Bodegón de María - Restaurant Clásico
Dining out: El Bodegón de María - Restaurant Clásico



El Patio de Jesús María - Barrio Dalvian
All-you-can-eat traditional Argentine BBQ fare with over 8 years in Mendoza. In Barro Dalvian in El Challao.


El Patio de Jesús María - Downtown Mendoza
All-you-can-eat traditional Argentine BBQ fare with over 8 years in Mendoza. In Mendoza City.


Estancia La Florencia
Offering an extensive menu and traditional Argentina BBQ with an ample wine selection.


Grilled meats, lamb and rabbit disc, goats, tamales, cakes, and seafood in a fun and unique atmospehere.



Almacén de Uco
Almacén de Uco is culinary and innovative gastronomic complex in the region designed to enhance senses. The restaurant has a capacity of over 160 people and has an excellent view of the mountains in Manzano Histórico. Upon arrival awaits exquisite dining which includes pies and pizzas made in clay oven and homemade cheese.


Sendero del Plata
Restaurant with traditonal kitchen, grill, trout, delights accompanied by tea and creole desserts.


Siete Fuegos
Siete Fuegos means “seven fires” in Spanish. In this case, it describes seven different techniques of open flame cooking inspired by Argentine gauchos and European migrations – tested and refined throughout 12,000 years of history.



Bodega La Azul - Restó
La Azul is just a little winery that merges into the sky. Is our own home, warm and simple, where you can find a great landscape and elaborated premium wines. Our Little winery is located staring at Los Andes mountains and its snow, in the Uco Valley, state of Mendoza, Argentina. It is equiped too, whith hight quality technology that helps in order to get our delicated wines.




Estancia Becker
Butcher: Select meats – gourmet vegetables – delicatesen





Cubiertos Para Asados - Eduardo Vicchi
We do not know how it is transmitted, or what cultural factors must align for it to happen. What we do know is that most Argentines grew incorporating and feeding off one concept: the asado is not just a meal. It has some sort of ceremony, ancient celebration, some magic...


News and press release samplings relative to Asados in Mendoza, Argentina:

The rules & rituals of an asado
The Squeeze, August 27, 2015
"This is not an official asado phrase but it should be. Touching an Argentines grill while he is cooking an asado is like asking for a..."

Asado: The Secret Argentinian Polo Tradition
Town & Country, August 21, 2015
"With their excellent horsemanship, gauchos took to the sport. Perhaps more importantly, they began training horses to play polo. According to Calandroni, the traditional way to prepare a horse for polo was to let gauchos use the horse for..."

Beef's benchmark in Argentina
Stock Journal, January 13th, 2014
"...Operating five days a week, Liniers sells about 140,000 head a month or 1.68 million cattle a year, dwarfing the numbers put through even Australia’s biggest selling centres..."

A Traditional Argentine Asado. Times Three.
mslistologist, May 30, 2013
"The twelve of us sat down to dinner, with more bottles of the Bueyes wine and the owner/winemaker, Jesus. And even though he spoke no English he told stories..."

Argentina: Tango, asado, delicioso
The Union, May 28, 2013
"The Argentine people cherish their Asado - Gaucho (cowboy), style of cooking over an open fire. They love juicy steaks with chimichurri sauce, a mix of olive oil, herbs..."

How to Master the Argentine Asado
The Argentina Independent, 08 January 2013
"If you’re hosting an asado or simply want to blend in with the worshippers on a Sunday afternoon, here are eight commandments to abide by..."


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