Hot springs

The Andes of Mendoza provide unique options for hot springs.

Mendoza Province, Argentina




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Sulphurous thermal waters with excellent therapeutic properties, all to discover yourself.



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If you are in search of relaxation, harmony and balance we invite you to spend an unforgettable day with the imposing Andes, who accompanied the eternal Mendoza river, have a choice of spa and relaxation, where you can enjoy a variety of options to enhance the mind and body.


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Tour Operator: Hot springs


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Termas Cacheuta
Situated in Mendoza, in the middle of the Andes, by the Mendoza River, the Thermal Centre smoothly blends in with the beautiful Mendocinian landscape. A group of stone pools are combined with modern techniques and hydrotherapy equipment to allow the guest enjoy both the thermal water and the natural surroundings.


Termas Cacheuta - Parque de Agua
Surrounded by the Andes, by the Mendoza River, the Thermal Water Park includes several pools filled with thermal water at different temperatures. It also includes picnic facilities, which allows visitors enjoy the park all year round.



Test the natural charm of Valle de los Molles: in between the mountains comes down the Salado River. You can visit places like: Poso de la Ánimas, Laguna de la Niña Encantada, Tumba del Indio, neighbors dedicated to the raising of goats and live de Criolla hospitality.