Souvenirs, arts and crafts

Looking for antiques, leathers, and special local items? Check out our directory of special places throughout the province that offer such goods.

Mendoza Province, Argentina


On your visit you can appreciate art in its various forms captured in leather and paper wallets, clothes made and hand painted pots, cactus, utensils, mountain clothes, sandals, sunglasses, creams and essences developed by ourselves. Unique techniques, special designs and a variety of accessories both to give and to take home from your visit to Mendoza and art and design in its various manifestations.


Regional Andino
We invite you to visit our region, where you will see a variety of handcrafts and regional products.




Change your home with a designing touch.



Casa de Campo - Artesanías
Souvenirs, arts and crafts: Casa de Campo - Artesanías



Raíces del Valle - La Posada del Jamón
We have a wide and diverse range of crafts and regional products. From simple vases to fine cups and utensils.



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