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Mendoza Province, Argentina

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Argentina reports on ‘intense’ 2015 harvest
The Drinks Business, July 28, 2015
“Mendoza was witness to a complex harvest season, a challenging one for all producers given the climate conditions and the industry’s general context”, she said. “However, we believe painstaking work in the vineyard combined with sensible decisions taken at the right time in the harvest season guaranteed the desired consistent quality in our wines.”

Argentine Mendoza studies 150-MW wind project
SeeNews Renewables, July 24, 2015
"The wind park, the first in the province, will initially comprise 25 turbines with two subsequent extensions for the installation of additional 50 machines, connected to the national grid."

Argentine Woman Winemaker to fight National Elections
Indian Wine Academy, July 21, 2015
"She says she wants to move from the side where people are always complaining to make things change, according to the Report by the Dinks Business  which had once placed her at the 30th position in the World’s Most Powerful Wine Women and went on to choose her Woman of the Year at The Drinks Business Awards 2015."

Argentine Mendoza starts work on mini hydroelectric projects - report
Renewables, June 25, 2015
"In April, the local government said it plans to install some 30 MW in mini hydroelectric units to fully use its energy resources and improve services in rural areas."

The Accidental Winemakers of Mendoza
NY Times, May 07, 2015
"There are more than 75 wineries in the region, growing from only three in the early 1990s, propelling Argentina to its place as the fifth largest wine producer..."

Fresh Plaza, February 13, 2015
"The forecast of a good crop seems excellent news for producers; however, prices remain low in a market that begins to awaken and is waiting for the trust fund promised by the provincial government."
Buenos Aires Herald, July 10, 2013
"...the height of the prices is not tied exclusively to the demand generated by the growth of economies such as China, but is largely fuelled by the availability and liquidity..."

Bonarda, Argentina’s second red variety
Winesur, July 5, 2013
"Bonarda becomes increasingly important in the showcase of the Argentine viticulture. The debate about whether or not it should go along with Malbec is already..."

Twitter: the favorite social network of Argentine winemakers
Winesur, July 3, 2013
"...among the followers, besides the final consumer, sommeliers, wine bars and people of the journalism sector stand out."

“We should continue improving the quality, especially of vineyards and grapes”
Winesur, July 1, 2013
"...and now he plans an investment in the gastronomy and tourism area. As regards economy, he considers that the industry is facing..."

Bianchi winery incorporates nine small producers
Winesur, June 11, 2013
"...a project aimed at improving the profitability and stability of small producers through associated schemes."

Over 70 Argentine wineries export wine to China
Winesur, June 10, 2013
"Considering the statistics, numbers are not exciting for the time being: China is currently the sixth most important market for Argentine wine, accounting for 3% of bottled wine exports. However, analyzing the huge potential of this market..."

2013 Southern Hemisphere Harvest Report: Argentina and Chile
Wine Spectator, June 6, 2013
"Malbec, which dominates the country’s quality wine production, was able to fully ripen, yet cool temperatures, especially at night, helped preserve..."

Argentina’s great positioning in the Peruvian market
Winesur, June 5, 2013
"This is a result of a growing middle class, which is increasing its income and is gradually getting involved in the wine world. Moreover, it is considered one of..."

Greater competitive rivalry in the wine market
Winesur, June 3, 2013
"The wine world has suffered significant transformations in the last decade, and particularly, since the 2008 crisis, the level of the competitive rivalry has increased..."

From Argentina to Minnesota: Piattelli Vineyards
Myfox9, May 26, 2013
"Minnesota business couple and wine aficionados Jon and Arlene Malinski talk to FOX 9's Karen Scullin about their very own Piattelli Vineyards, and what inspired them to venture to Argentina grow grapes."

Argentina’s chardonnay, another gem from the high-altitude vineyards
Winesur, May 21, 2013
"Bloomberg News published an article where it stressed that Argentina is more than Malbec. In this respect, the publication spotlighted the special features of Chardonnay, the world’s most popular white wine."

Wine: Growing Money in Argentina
International Living, May 20, 2013
"Unlike other winemaking nations, Argentina is now exporting almost all the wine it can produce. Brazil, the United States, Canada and England are favorite destinations for emblematic varietals like..."

Argentine wine industry strives to expand internationally
Infosur Hoy, May 14, 2013
"Familia Zuccardi, who owns brands like Santa Julia and Zuccardi Zeta, sells around 45% of its wines in Argentina and the remaining 55% in more than 50 countries..."

Ranking of exports by variety: which grew and which dropped
Winesur, May 8, 2013
"Of the four most exported varieties by Argentina, only Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon had a good performance in terms of value, whereas Torrontés and Chardonnay..."

2013 began with great investments
WineSur, April 30, 2013
"In the last few years, wineries were making investments, focused mainly on improving the quality of their products or expanding their vineyard capacity. This year, investments turned to be higher..."

#Harvest2013, the Argentine harvest on social networks came to an end
WineSur, April 24, 2013
"...WineSur organized the campaign on social networks that is aimed at showing the world how the Argentine harvest is lived in every corner of the country."

Malbec, leader in the US consumers’ preferences
Wine Sur, April 19, 2013
"...the consumption of Malbec, as well as of Pinot Noir, Spanish varietals, and sparkling wines, is on the up. The great Spanish population also contributes to this fact."

2013 harvest: 20% more of grapes expected for 2012
Wine Sur, April 10, 2013
"...reaching mid-April, and in spite of rains lashing down most of the summer, technicians of Argentine wineries have anticipated that they expect around 20% more of grape."

Bag in box remains gaining ground
Wine Sur, April 8, 2013
"The great popularity of this container is a result of several reasons that are related to the new global consumption trends."

What are the fastest-growing markets for 2016?
Wine Sur, March 27, 2013
"North America, for example, stands out for representing today a quarter of the global bottled wine imports. Moreover, each country of this region presents a high level of attractivity as a result of the good economic development..."

“In 2013, 70% of our sales will come from Ecova line”
Wine Sur, March 25, 2013
"During the year, we expect to put between 50 and 60 million bottles on the market, meaning a 10% or 15% of our overall sale..."

Argentine wine: down but not out
Beyondbrics, March 21, 2013
"Wine output in Argentina slumped 24 percent to 11.8 million hectoliters, based on OIV data. In the U.S., production increased 6.9 percent to 20.5 million hectoliters..."

“There is no turning back for the mechanical harvest”
Wine Sur, March 15, 2013
"Nowadays, for reasons of cost and quality, several myths against a more popular mechanical harvest have been destroyed..."

Argentine wines gain ground in the Caribbean and Central America
Wine Sur, March 13, 2013
"Argentine bottled wine exports to Caribbean and Central American countries have shown an excellent performance during 2012..."

True Grape: Argentina’s diversity offers multiple ways to grow Malbec grapes (video)
Edmonton Journal, March 12, 2013
"Decero’s winemaker Marcos Fernandez explains that they grow Malbec on very different parcels of land in the vineyard..."

Grape Expectations
Wine Republic, March 8, 2013
"Rows upon rows of enormous tanks end up looking like a fleet of steel robots and the nomadic story of a grape's journey can sometimes get lost in translation amongst all the machinery..."

Alejandro Vigil, how the most prestigious winemaker of Argentina lives and thinks
Wine Sur, March 6, 2013
"I’m going to leave wine that I hope you enjoy in next 50 or 60 years; wines that are made with passion, respect, love..."

Facebook and Twitter are still the wineries’ favorite social platforms
Wine Sur, March 6, 2013
"The digital world has gained ground in every field and it seems it will take power of the future. Therefore, these constant changes, especially since the emergence of social networks, should be taken into account when positioning a product in the market..."

“Indisputably, the wine is made in the vineyard”
Wine Sur, March 5, 2013
"Adrián Meyer, this winery’s winemaker, talked to WineSur about each of the trophy-winning wines..."

The keys to the Latin American wine market
Wine Sur, February 27, 2013
"Manuel Armas, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the Venezuela wine sector, reached the conclusion that Argentina is not alone; Chile is its nearest competitor...."

American Wine Drinkers Invest $233,000 in Top Argentine Winemaker to Create Two New Wines
Globe News Wire, February 26, 2013
", a customer-funded winery, has united over 150,000 Angels to invest $233,000 to create two wines with Argentine winemaker, Mauricio Lorca..."

New incentives to spur growth in Argentine solar sector
Los Andes, February 19, 2013
"in the past year his organisation has applied for permission to construct 11 projects with a capacity of approximately 20MW each..."

Argentina's wine industry savors progress, still struggles
France 24, February 17, 2013
"It is among the 900 or so wineries spread out on over 20,000 hectares in the Mendoza area, alone -- an area that also has attracted foreign capital like France's Pernod Ricard, Chile's Trivento (Concha y Toro) and Portuguese Finca Flichmann..."

How will the U.S. bulk wine demand be in 2013?
Wine Sur, February 6, 2013
"The internal conditions of Argentina entail good prospects for bulk wine for 2013, maintaining the upward trend enjoyed in 2012..."

Argentina: Worst cherry production in 20 years
Fresh Plaza, January 10, 2013
"With the harvest almost finished at Los Antiguos, Argentina, producers are feeling the impact of an early October frost in the region..."

Freshplaza, January 7, 2013 
"High costs prevent shipping the affected fruit to packing plants for their selection, making it impossible to rescue whatever fruit is still in good condition.", January 4, 2013
"On the other side of the scale, pome fruits are still going through a bad moment, with both pears and apples falling for the second year in a row", December 20, 2012
"The only downside, according to Francisco Gómez of IDR, was the yield per hectare:."


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